Publiziert: 13.04.2013.

Geändert: 13.04.2013.

The British Times has recently ranked Croatia as one of the 10 world destinations to get away from your everyday life in style in the upcoming decade. Croatia is joined by London, Paris, Berlin, Sicily, Greece, Switzerland, New York, Canada, Cuba, Turkey, Morocco, Syria, the Dominican Republic, Zanzibar, Sri lanka, India, Puerto Rico, Lebanon, Peru, Abu dabi, Cambodia and Fiji. Describing Croatia, author Susan d’Arcy says the Adriatic islands have become unbelievably trendy and popular and the northern peninsula Istria is described as the new Tuscany.

The article particularly praises Istria, its cypress slopes and „cute“ towns on top of hills. The author also points out that Ryanair provides flights to Pula.

Croatia national tourist board

Istrian County Tourist Board