Published: 05.02.2016.

Modified: 05.02.2016.

The Blaca monastery or Pustinja Blaca is one of the several hermitages on Brac Island, situated on the southern side of island. The fascinating Blaca hermitage has developed in the 16th century from a stone cave that was its first nucleus, shrine and dormitory for couple Glagolitic monks who fled the Ottomans.

At first they used cave to dedicate themselves to God, solitude and pray. After that they built church surrounding the cave. The Blaca monastery is much more than monastic complex in landscape of extreme value, it is unique historic metaphor through which the history of Brac can be comprehended. Blaca is most preserved monastery on Brac. Today it is museum with thousands of exhibits, including library with 8000 books, many paintings, telescope, 400-kilo piano, etc.

Museum Blace is open every day but Monday from 8am - 5pm. 

Blaca is must see place on Brac. You can reach it in several  ways. You can take a car up to Vidova gora ( there is a sign)  and after that you must hike there for about 30 minutes to reach the monastery. Other way is walking route from the beach of Blaca, Blaca bay that can be reached with the boat. This tour is available from the Bol. Hiking up from Blaca beach ( Bay ) up is rather demanding since it is very steep.