Published: 19.04.2013.

Modified: 09.04.2018.

Bol Monastery

Dominican monastery in Bol was build on the peninsula Glavica in 15th century on the site where was episcopal palace
(Biskupija) mentioned in 1184 in Povaljska listina. On the Glavica there are many ruins that show early christian
architecture which is substratum of an early medieval architecture (Church of St. John and St. Theodor).
The greatest attention in the valuable monastery's gallery is drawn by the Tintoretto's altair painting Madona with
Child and Saints as well as the paintings of the Croatian baroque painter Tripo Kokolja on the ceiling under the choir.
The altairs at the side in the monastery church of Our Lady of Mercy are among the most beautiful ones on the island
especially the altair of Our Lady of Rosary.

Museum of Monastery in Bol

There is also Museum in the Monastery that contains collection of prehistoric items, numismatic collection, collection
of underwather archeology, collection of Mass-robes and archives that containd incunalbulas, charters and decrees from
the 15th century. Also there is collection of stone monuments and paintings.
Monastery has also a very interesting garden.
It is a site You should visit!