Published: 15.03.2013.

Modified: 28.06.2013.

Gallery Bol

Gallery Branislav Deskovic, situated in the port of Bol in the renaissance-baroque palace ( end of the 17th century), is the gallery of the Croatian contemporary art and has more then 380 exhibits. Paintings and sculptures show mediterranean motifs as many artists were inspired with Brac, Dalmatia and Mediterranean.

Gallery bear the name of th important figure in the recent croatian sculpture – Branislav Dešković, that is a sculptor of animal figures and intimate human portraits.

The gallery contains exibits of the artists: Ignjat Job, Ivan Rendić, Edo Murtić, Ljubo Ivančić, Branimir Dešković, Emanuel Vidović, Josip Botteri and the others.

Open hours of Gallery Branislav Deskovic in Bol

Gallery is open every day, during summer, in the morning and evening. Also there are every week extra exhibions of the modern croatian artist.