Published: 26.11.2014.

National park Kornati is located cca 7 nm from Murter, 15 nm from Sibenik and Zadar.

You can reach the Kornati National Park by your own boat or a rented one, or participating in organized tours provided by numerous individuals and/or tourist agencies along the Adriatic coast.

The Kornati archipelago consists of 140 uninhabited islands, islets and reefs comprising an area of only 70 km2. They are famous for the peculiar shapes of reefs and crags but particularly for their high cliffs. There are those who claim that the number of the smaller islands is even greater, since an old saying says: “As is the number of days in a year, so is the number of the Kornati islands”. The main island Kornat is accounted for the largest part of the park and the whole island group is named after it. Due to the dangers involved in sailing through this maze of stone and sea, there are many old lighthouses on Kornati islands, such as Blitvenica and Sestrice, which today are destinations for Robinson-Crusoes-want-to-be. The biggest admirers of Kornati are yachtsmen, who find in this area, that which they seek most: a sun soaked warren of sea and islands set in unspoilt nature.

Sailing, recreational fishing, autonomous diving, swimming, observing the plant and animal wildlife is reccommended on Kornati.
Camping is strictly forbidden outside the authorised camps (Ravno, Žakan, Levrnaka), and if you wish to rent
a small house (or a room) in the park area can do so through one of the many tourist agencies in Murter.
Anchoring and spending the night in the Park is allowed only at 16 locations.

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