Published: 22.11.2014.

Modified: 22.11.2014.

Early-Christian Euphrasius Basilica Complex in Poreč is only UNESCO site in Istria, called also Croatia Tuscany. Indeed is the Peninsula od Istria with rich history, preserved old medieval towns and great gastromony.

The cathedral complex in Poreč was named Euphrasius Basilica after Bishop Euphrasius who thoroughly renovated the cathedral in mid-6th century and decorated it with famous mosaics. Before Euphrasius’ renovation, there were at least two phases of early-Christian buildings in the same place. In Poreč, Christianity was established as early as the 4th century – the basilica, the atrium, the baptistery and the Episcopal palace are remarkable examples of religious architecture, while the basilica itself combines elements of classicism and Byzantine Empire in an exceptional way.


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