Published: 27.04.2013.

Modified: 18.04.2015.

Hermitage of Blaca is unique monument on the Croatian coast. It was hermitage of the Glagolitic Order (Glagoljica – Croatian ancient alphabet) raised on the steep cliff. Blaca were established by Glagolitic priests from Poljica that fled to island of Brac running away from the Turks. In 1552. they established monastic community and in 1570 they got permission from the bishop to raise monastery and church. They produced wine, honey and other cultures - by time they became very powerful and rich. Wealth of the priests provided them to become world-wide known astronomic observatory. Furniture of Blaca monastery is also very atractive, the church was restored following the baroque patterns. There is collection of ancient weapons, old watches and rich library. They had also printing-office of their own.

Arrival to Blaca, excursions to Hermitage Blaca, island of Brac

Today, hermitage of Blaca is a museum. It is opened everyday but Monday.
Excursion boat will take You to the beach – bay beneath the Monastery of Blaca. To the hermitage You have to walk about 45 minutes.

The excursion includes boat ride and snack 

Arrival is possible also from the Vidova gora mountain in private arrangement.

Opening hours of the Museum of Hermitage Blaca

June to October

9-18 hours (every day except Monday)

November to May

9-15 hours (every day except Monday)

Ticket price:

Adults 40 kunas

Children under 14 years 10 kn