Published: 13.04.2013.

Modified: 13.04.2013.

The Tourist Board of Dubrovnik in collaboration with the company Mobiexplore has developed a project named Mobiexplore Dubrovnik – an official mobile-phone tour guide of Dubrovnik, rich in content and useful functionalities which is completely free of charge for its users.

The mobile-phone guide is available through the website of the Tourist Board of Dubrovnik or directly on a mobile phone browser (

By a click on their mobile phone all the guests and citizens of Dubrovnik can orientate themselves on the interactive map of the city, get information about events in the city or catering and leisure facilities, make apartment or dinner reservations with the possibility of a direct call to the chosen location, as well as get information about the latest bargains and deals. All this information is available in English and Croatian.



The Tourist Board of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County

The Tourist Board of Dubrovnik