Published: 06.12.2014.

Modified: 06.12.2014.

National park Northern Velebit is an ideal  for all those who like active holidays and recreation in truly natural surroundings.

Visitors can choose from over 30 mountain trails that run through different landscapes offering possibilities for exploring the region. All mountain trails are waymarked with signposts installed at intersections stating the average hike duration in hours.

Trails lead to mountain peaks that offer magnificent views of the sea, the Adriatic islands and  Lika. The existing mountain trails and paths are also suitable for other activities such as trekking and hiking.

In and around the Park there is a network of partly dirt (macadam) and partly paved roads that are excellent for cycling and cycling tours of Velebit.

National park Northern Velebit can be easily reached from Highway Zagreb - Split, A1. It is located very close to Adriatic sea and can be combined as one day excursion from the destination starting from Split up north to the Kvarner and Istria or You can stop to enjoy this beautiful National park on Your way to Adriatic coast. 

The unique landscapes and the greatest wealth of flora and fauna are to be found in the area of Northern Velebit National Park. Located in the peak area of the northernmost part of the mountain and extending over 109 km2, the national park is rich in exceptional features: the cone like karstic formations known as Hajdučki kukovi and Rožanski kukovi, the botanical garden set in a natural environment, and the pothole Lukina jama (Luka’s pothole). That is why Croatian mountaineers regard this area as the most precious jewel among all of the Croatia’s mountains.

Hajdučki kukovi and Rožanski kukovi, an endless range of rocky peaks with diverse and bizarre forms (the meaning of kukovi is hips) of up to 200 metres high, are situated in the very centre of the national park. This amazing rocky landscape is protected as a strictly regulated reserve, the strictest form of the nature protection in the country. Located amid Hajdučki kukovi, at an altitude of 1,475 metres, is Lukina jama. With its base being a mere 83 metres above the sea level, its overall depth of 1,392 metres makes it the eighth deepest pothole in the world. Despite the harsh and hostile rock bound wilderness, in the 1930s a trail was masterfully built through the Rožanski kukovi by an engineer Ante Premužić, a dedicated lover of Velebit after whom the trail was named. The Premužić trail is considered to be the most beautiful hiking trail in Croatia. It is also known as the one that offers, even to those of modest physical condition, an opportunity to walk safely along the edges of massive cliffs and precipitous abysses. From the trail one can enjoy wonderful views of the sea and the Kvarner islands.


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National Park Northern Velebit