Published: 22.11.2014.

Modified: 22.11.2014.

Plitvice lakes are among mosst populat croatian destination, visited by thousend od visitors each year. Cannot tell in which season Plitvice Lake are the most beautiful - we recomend it to visit it in all seasonss.

The beauty of Plitvice and its unsurpassable attractiveness are a result of gypsum and gypsum-depositing plants. Creation of gypsum and rearrangement of the river bed created a string of 16 Plitvice Lakes representing a magnificent natural architectural phenomenon, surrounded by thick forests inhabited by bears, wolves and many other rare animal and plant species.

In Plitvic National park there are hotels available as well as many camping sites and guesthouses, so be free to visit it for a couple of days. Aside the National park there are sport activities also available.


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