Published: 22.11.2014.

Modified: 22.11.2014.

The most famuos Croatia city, known in the whole world, has the Old Town as a part of UNESCO heritage. 

The Pearl of the Adriatic became a major Mediterranean power after the 13th century. This late-medieval planned city in the south part of the east Adriatic Croatian coast with its historical core situated at the foot of Mount Srđ has preserved the character of a unique urban whole throughout the centuries, defined by the city walls. It has a significant place in the history of city planning.


Last years Dubrovnik is proud o be of the locations where the Game of thrones were filmed.  Dubrovnik is now the setting for King’s Landing – the capital of the Seven Kingdoms realm.

Visit to Dubrovnik is organised from alls Middle and south Dalmatian islands as well as from Split and all southers town from Split. Visit to the Dubrovnik is a must, we reccommend to visit it in autumn or spring.


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