Published: 18.04.2015.

The first encounter of sea depth enthusiasts and underwater world lovers with diving equipment.
No previous knowledge required.
During the course, the participants will dive to the depth of up to 5 m using complete diving equipment, led by an instructor or dive master. The dive starts from Borak beach, right below our diving center. After the lecture on diving theory and the introductory educational video, in line with the leading international diving associations PADI/PSS, the candidates get to know the equipment and dive for 30 to 40 minutes. The total duration of this unique first meeting of future sea depth enthusiasts and scuba diving is approximately two and a half to three hours, including the theoretical part, preparation for the dive and the dive itself. Although the depths they will reach are not great, the candidates will be thrilled by the word they will experience. On our beach you can come across šarge, ovčice, fratre, hobotnice, ciple, orade, škarpoče, brojne pužiće, corals and diverse seaweed.

On Mondays and Tuesdays we also offer introductory dives in the Borak hotel pool, an ideal start for all children aged 10 and up, and adults who want to learn about Scuba diving. This first experience is completely free of charge; the candidates have the opportunity to try out diving equipment and, with the assistance of an expert guide, spend 15 minutes under the surface breathing and experience the feeling of weightlessness under water for the first time.