Pubblicato: 03.04.2013.

Kitesurfing Bol

Bol is perfect spot for kiteboarding because of the constant thermic sideshore wind Maestral (15-25 knts).Kiteboarding center enables you kite launching on a beach specially dedicated to kiteboarding. 
Additional service of sea rescue will make your stay and kite sessions completely safe and enjoyable.
Center offers all logistic support during the whole day - new prepared beach, reserved space protected from swimmers, launching platform, rider surveillence during the day, boat security, help for kite take-off and landing, overnight storage, advices and forecasts, .... and many more.

Kiteboarding school in Bol

Courses for Beginners and advanced couses available.

Apartments near kite center in Bol

Check for the Travel agency Santo offer of the apartment near kitesurf center in Bol.

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