Pubblicato: 22.11.2014.

Modificato: 22.11.2014.

Croatia os proud to have rich cultural heritage, many of them included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as well as the on the list of UNESCO intangible heritage.

Travel agency Santo bring you the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Croatia as well as the information of UNESCO Intangible Heritage in Croatia with the information how it is possible to visit from Bol  and Split.



UNESCO World Heritage Croatia:


Diocletian Palace and Medieval Split

Dubrovnik Old Town

Early-Christian Euphrasius Basilica Complex in Poreč

Historical Core of Trogir

National Park Plitvice Lakes

St. Jacob’s Cathedral in Šibenik

Starigrad Plain



Lacemaking in Croatia

Two-part Singing and Playing in the Istrian Scale

Festivity of St. Blaise, Patron Saint of Dubrovnik

Spring procession of Ljelje/Kraljice (Queens) from Gorjani

Annual Carnival Bell Ringers’ Pageant from the Kastav Area

Procession "Za Križen" (Following the Cross) on the Island of Hvar

Traditional Manufacturing of Children’s Wooden Toys in Hrvatsko Zagorje

The Sinjska Alka, a knights’ tournament in Sinj

Gingerbread craft from Northern Croatia

Bećarac singing and playing from Eastern Croatia

Nijemo Kolo, silent circle dance of the Dalmatian hinterland

Klapa multipart singing of Dalmatia, southern Croatia

Ojkanje singing

Mediterranean diet