Pubblicato: 13.04.2013.

Modificato: 13.04.2013.

Pelješac is the second largest peninsula on the Adriatic coast after Istria.

From the Ston isthmus to the cape of Lovište in the northwest, it is 65 km long. It is located in the south of Dalmatia and some of the larger and more known tourist destinations are Ston, Brijest, Trpanj, Viganj and Orebić.

Along with its rich cultural and historical heritage, Pelješac is well known for its fine red wines from Dingač and Postup and a wide selection of shells from the Mali Ston bay. The mountain parts are well known as mouflon hunting grounds; for an active mountain climbing holiday there are the mounts Sveti Ivan and Sveti Ilija; Viganj is ideal for surfing while the western part of the peninsula has hiking and biking trails.



The Tourist Board of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County