Pubblicato: 13.04.2013.

Modificato: 13.04.2013.

The French daily newspaper Le Figaro has recently recommended Zagreb to its readers as an ideal weekend destination. According to the French paper, thanks to the new Museum of modern art, the Croatian capital has become the artistic centre of the region and with this, a compulsory destination.

‘Zagreb seems perfectly preserved with its horseshoe of gardens and parks that surround the historical centre of the city’, wrote the French journalist Sandra de Vivies, who spent a few days in Zagreb. She describes it as a city that skilfully balances between Slavic and Mediterranean influences.

Besides the food, the double identity of the city is recognized in the two historical centres, the religious Kaptol and the secular Gradec, while the new town continues to develop thanks to the Museum of contemporary art. The journalist recommends staying at the most luxurious hotel in Zagreb, The Regent Esplanade Zagreb, which has an art deco interior that irresistibly invokes the atmosphere of the Orient Express. Among the cultural content, she recommends a visit to the Nova gallery, which holds works that critically examine the identity of a country which came out of a war 15 years ago. The journalist also recommends the Museum of arts and crafts and the Atelier Meštrović, pointing out the influence of the famous French sculptor Rodin on Ivan Meštrović, who left his atelier to the French state. For the end of the visit she recommends the Museum of contemporary art.

Apart from the standard walk in the Upper town and Dolac (farmers’ market), the journalist describes the liveliness of the city streets, especially during the warm months of the year.

She mentions the winery Bornstein as an ideal place for local wines initiation and the restaurant Baltazar, where she tried a local specialty, cottage cheese and soured cream, and translated it as cheesecake.

The bistro Amfora, under the arcades of Dolac was described as one of the last remaining places with a socialist feel to it.

For shopping, she mentions two important places- the Sunday morning antique market at Britanski Trg and the Croatian designed Startas trainers at the Sheriff and Cherry store.


The Tourist Board of Zagreb

Le Figaro