Objavljeno: 06.12.2014.

National park Risnjak is located in area of Gosrki Kota, near places Delnice and Cabar, cca 45 kilometers from town of Rijeka and some 130 km from Croatian capital - Zagreb. 

This mountain massif was named after the lynx, in Croatian ris, its most popular inhabitant. It covers the area of 64 km2 and being located where the Alps meet the Dinaric Range and where the Mediterranean gradually gives way to the Pannonia Plain, it combines almost all the forest types of the areas and contains numerous plant and animal species. Nature lovers come to Risnjak for the beauty of the mountains, forests, waters and karst. The most frequent visitors are mountaineers, who find the highest peak of the massif the most rewarding challenge. Risnjak’s summit is equally attractive in all seasons: in winter, when covered with snow; in spring, when the meadows around it transform into carpets of flowers; in summer, when it offers respite from the heat in the nearby littoral area, and in autumn, when the trees are bathed in a myriad of colours. In addition to lynx, the symbol of the mountain, there are also brown bears, martens and dormice. Risnjak is also famous for its fantastic views of the islands in the Kvarner Bay and the mountains in neighbouring Slovenia and further to the Alps.
Located near Rijeka and Kvarner area, it is possible to visit it while on summer Holidays in Kvarner or Istria or on the way to Kvarner with exit from Highway Zagreb - Rijeka- A6. 
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