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Located near Pula, some 6 kilometers away and 2 kilometers away from Fazana, Brijuni, a group of islands comprising of two large and twelve smaller isles, are strung along Istria’s south western coast.

Their surface area is barely seven km2, but together with the surrounding sea the total area of the park is 34 km2. Brijuni are renowned for its indented nature and the unspoiled Mediterranean vegetation, but the islands also boast an invaluable cultural heritage dating from the Roman and Byzantine times, which alongside with the outstanding natural beauty, has made them a popular holiday destination among the world statesmen and the aristocracy.

The paleontological findings of the dinosaurs, the magnificent "horrible reptiles" which ruled planet Earth for more tan 160 milion years (from Late Triassic period, about 220 milion years ago, to the end of the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago when they went extinct) - you can walk Promenade of dinosaurs on Brijuni. 
Other programs offer visit to sacral sites as well as the other archaeological sites, photo safari, various sports activities. 

Brijuni offer organisations of weddings, team building and congresses as well as other events.

The site of the first golf course in Croatia is on Brijuni. In Brijuni there is also a nautical port. 

Although not inhabited, because of the numerous tourists who are ferried over from the mainland by boat, there are people on the islands all year round. Veliki Brijun offers accommodation in three small hotels, enabling their guests to savour an atmosphere of peace while being surrounded by beautiful nature and having the tourist flurry of Pula within easy reach.


Croatia National Tourist board

National park Brijuni - www.brijuni.hr