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Nature parks in Croatia:

Nature Park Biokovo Croatia 

Is located above the Makarska Riviera – one of the most popular Rivieras in Croatia, that features long beaches and crystal clear sea.

This imposing mountain is by far the greatest sight of the Central Dalmatian coastline, and its only nature park. There are few places in the Mediterranean where peaks of over 1,500 metres high come so close to the sea and where mountains rise so steeply as they do here.

From the settlements on Makarska Riviera there are paths that lead to the Nature park Biokovo with many marked footpath ( if you plan to visit, please follow the instructions).
Makarska town and it Riviera is located a very short bus drive from Split, from Brac island is available with ferry a few times a day as well as from the island of Hvar.

Nature park Kopački rit

The park is located cca 300 kilometers east from Croatian capital of Zagreb and only a few kilometers from Osijek. It is a must to visit while in eastern Croatia.

The greenest waters and forests in the whole of Slavonia are to be found in Kopački rit Nature Park. The park covers the wetland area around the confluence of Drava and Danube rivers, near Osijek, covering a total of 238 hectares, and which, due to its inaccessibility, has remained in the intact state since the olden times.

In park there are various excursions and activities available: boat ride with the guide, visit to the castle Tikves, walking by marked footpaths, canoe excursions ( with guide) to special parts of the park, birdwatching, photo safari, fishing ( with permits).

Lastovsko otočje

This remote group of islands is richly indented, full of greenery and boasts a unique folklore tradition. One of the reasons for such a high degree of preservation and the special atmosphere of peace and tranquillity is their remoteness: it takes more than a four hour journey from the mainland to reach them. With ferry from Split it takes five hours.
During the summer there is a ferry available from Korcula island – it takes 1,5 hour and from Split there is catamaran that takess 3 hours to Lastovo island.
During the summer from Dubrovnik there is a catamarann to Lastovo – it takes 4 hours.
So Lastovo islands are reachable from Split during the year and in summer from Dubrovnik and island of Korcula.

Nature park Lonjsko polje

Located some 100 kilometers from Zagreb, the largest nature park in Central Croatia is Lonjsko polje, located in the valley of the river Sava. Covering an area of 506 km2, it is one of the largest European preserved wetlands, protected by the Ramsar Convention as a wetland area of the world importance.
It is reachable also with public transportation from Sisak and Novska.
The nature park Lonjsko polje offers a lot od educational programs, pedestrian trails, cycling routes, boat tours, canoe rent, birdwatching.
Etnologhical collection for visit is availavble as well as the traditional events. Accommodation and gastromonic offer is available.

Nature park Medvednica 

Medvednica i rising above the city of Zagreb – capital of Croatia and it is reachable by its public transportation.
Medvednica Mountain is covered with dense beech, oak, chestnut and fir forest and it certainly is favourite excursion destination for the Zagreb citizens and their guests. The mountain is criss-crossed by numerous paths and trails, less demanding ones that are fitted with benches and information boards...
While in Zagreb visit Medvednica with its burg Medvedgrad ( where very September medieval fair is organised) and concerts during the summer, there are pedeszrian trails available on Medvednica, visit to the Veternica cave, cycling routes.

Nature park Papuk

The features that visitors find most captivating are endless forests of Papuk, extending as far as the eye can see. These woods are mainly mountain beech, but there are also oak, fir and other types of trees. By far the most beautiful part of Papuk is Jankovan park-wood, one of Slavonia’s favourite excursion sites.

In a visit to the Park Nature Park can be reached by car, bus, camper, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot.
On the north side there are three important entrances in the Nature Park are: Voćin, Drenovac and Orahovica.
On the south side of the park entrance is Velika. Visitors arriving by car on highway Ivanja Reka-Lipovac from Zagreb exit to exit Nova Gradiska.
There are instructional paths, Bicycle paths, hobbies paths, hiking paths, the climb, viewpoint, Geocaching, accommodation available.

Nature park Telašćica

Telašćica, after which the whole nature park got its name located in the southeastern part of the island Dugi otok. The land is drawn approximately 8 km to its south, the widest part is tight around 1.6 km

This deep bay is one of the most popular havens for yachtsmen in the Adriatic, providing a safe berth during the strongest storms. The rocky shores of the bay are low on the landward side while facing out to sea are imposing cliffs...
Since the Park Nature Park makes 64% more, the easiest way is to arrive by boat. In the area of the park can be reached by private or rented boat, or organized by one of the many shipping and / or travel agencies across the Adriatic to organize trips in the area of the park. Shippers and / or travel agencies have to be authorized to work in the area of NP "Telascica".
If it comes from the mainland, it is simplest to come out of Sali which is the nearest village park. By Salli can be reached by direct ferry from Zadar (www.jadrolinija.hr) or line to place Brbinj on the northern end of the island Dugi otok and then by car to Telašćice. Zadar is a large number of plane, bus and boat lines connected to other major Croatian cities, as well as European cities.

Nature park Učka

Amongst the main attractions of Učka are the unique limestone formations in the area of Vrana and at the very top of Učka, where an old tower is erected. Mountaineers like to be photographed next to this tower. From the summit of the mountain there are unforgettable views of the nearby islands and Opatija Riviera.

Učka Nature Park is located in the western part of the Republic of Croatia, on the eastern side of the Istrian peninsula. Učka Nature Park is located only 25 km from Opatija and 32 km from Rijeka, it has good road links both to the Istrian peninsula and to the Kvarner area. The most important roads are the Istrian Y expressway that connects Istria with the network of Croatian motorways via the Učka Tunnel, then the Adriatic coastal road (“Jadranska magistrala”), and the old regional road that brings visitors from Kvarner and Istria directly to the heart of the nature park via the Poklon Pass (922 m).
Closeness to two international airports (in Rijeka and Pula) and several sea harbours underlines the good accessibility of Učka Nature Park from the rest of Croatia and Europe.
Park has accommodation facilitiees, restaurants, educational and hiking trails, guided tours, Free-climbing, Hang-gliding and paragliding, Hiking, Mountain-biking.

Nature park Velebit

Velebit is the largest Croatian mountain and as such rich in natural phenomena, more then 145 km long.
Protected as a nature park and extending over 2,000 km2 in area, it is by far the largest protected area in the country. Within the park there is a whole range of smaller protected areas, including two national parks Paklenica and North Velebit.
There are possibilities for fishing with valid permits, climbing, alpinism, rafting and cycling available. Please follow the danger warnings while climbing the Velebit.
Accommodation is available in Velebit nature park.
Did you know that Winnetou movies have been filmed in Velebit area?

Velebit is easily reachable from the highway A1, Zagreb – Split.

Nature park Vransko lake

For those preferring physically less demanding way of enjoying the world of nature, the Vrana Lake Nature Park is perfect. It consists of the largest lake in Croatia and its surrounding area. Located in the vicinity of the sea, the lake is home to exceptional number of bird species, to wild ducks and egrets in particular.

The lake is located among the town Zadar and Šibenik, close to the National park Krka watefalls ( rather close is also the Nationa park Kornati) and easily can be reached from any destnation in Dalmatia.

Educational trails and programs are available, as well asthe fishing with valid permits, cycling, accommodation possiblities, birdwatching.

Nature park Žumberak and Samobor Highlands

West of Zagreb ( cca 25 km away) is Nature Park Žumberak and Samobor Highlands. It is reachable by public trasportation from Zagreb, Samobor or Jastrebarsko.
Their distinctive nature stems from the number of karstic phenomena atypical of the areas adjoining the Pannonia Plain: deep canyons, small, sparkling rivers bursting with numerous waterfalls and broad, flowering meadows. There are educational programs, Hiking, Cycling, Climbing, Paragliding, Riding available